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Are Sugar Free Treats Healthy?


WRONG!!! At least when it comes to dogs, cats, and ferrets, xylitol (an artificial sweetener) can be deadly when consumed, even in small amounts. Why aren’t people poisoned by xylitol? In short, our human pancreas reacts to xylitol differently than a dog’s.

Are Sugar Free Treats Healthy?2019-09-12T21:05:21-06:00

Rabies is a Thing of the Past, Right?


Everyone has seen and likely cried about (c’mon yes, you did!) Old Yeller. And just like that old movie, rabies is a thing of the past right? WRONG! Thanks to vaccination laws and programs limiting stray dog packs in the streets, human deaths from rabies are nearly non-existent in the US. Around the world, however, nearly 59,000 people die from exposure to rabies every year.

Rabies is a Thing of the Past, Right?2019-09-12T21:05:35-06:00